NATIONAL ACADEMY OF CINEMA & TELEVISION institution is a part of VISHWAKALA TRUST, which was started on July 09 2008 with the approved by Government Karnataka. This institution is now launching a special program called “CROWD FUNDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR for all aspiring cinema lovers.

Many people have a dream to get in to the cinema industry and produce one of the best films. However, this is not easy to everyone as they do have proper guidance and the right platform to succeed. Some have produced films and failed to get back the amount due to several reasons and intern they curse the industry.

There are many significant reasons to introduce this program. Some of the important ones are listed below:

  • To produce the best kannada movies
  • To spread the knowledge about the culture of Karnataka and Kannada all over the world
  • To produce the best movies with low budget
  • To help in the growth of new and talented people
  • To introduce new producers, directors, actors and technicians to the industry.
  • To create right opportunities for the talented people who are deprived of it
  • To identify people who have vast knowledge about direction but not got the right opportunity to explore them
  • To provide job opportunities to many people in Kannada Film Industry.
  • To distribute kannada movies worldwide.
  • To produce quality movies in kannada to compete with movies in other languages.
  • To allow Kannada movies to be dubbed in several other languages and intern spread the culture and heritage on Karnataka worldwide..
  • To help the people who visit NACT every month with a little money and huge dreams of producing a cinema in order to gain name and fame in the kannada film industry
  • For people who have plenty of money but no knowledge amount producing a film. We guide them in the right direction to produce a good film
  • To produce movies of all varieties and languages in India.
  • To produce top quality movies.
  • To those who are innovative and creative in making cinema
  • To help those who have the urge to experiment or create some new in the films.
  • For those who have the knowledge of using the latest technology in films.
  • To produce both art and commercial movies.
  • This organization is only for people who are interested in making the best movies

Today the Indian film industry has entered the international market and Indian films are being released worldwide and have gained huge collections. International film producers who have noticed the growth of Indian cinemas intend to produce our films. With these developments, we get to know that Indian cinema industry can get you name, fame and money. These days producing a film with the latest digital technology has been easy for people who have knowledge about them.

Technology and Technicians

National Academy of Cinema and Television (NACT) not only provides technical training with regard to Cinema and Television, it also has a good relationship with the television media and the cinema industry to produce and direct excellent programs and movies equipped with a good technical team. We also have all advanced and necessary facilities for shooting like Digital 4K cameras, Lighting, Editing Studio, Dubbing Studio, Color grading and theatre. There are experienced administrative staff, legal advisors, cinema distributors, financial advisors and chartered accountants to help the investors of “CROWD FINDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR



  • All people who wish to invest in “CROWD FUNDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR should either be an Indian or an NRI (Non-Resident Indian).
  • The person who is investing (Male/Female) should be above the age of 18 years.
  • “CROWD FUNDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR is only based for cinema production..
  • Everyone who invests in “CROWD FUNDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR is considered as a producer, irrespective of the amount invested.
  • People who are investing in “CROWD FUNDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR should have the patience to wait at least a year in order to get back the amount invested.
  • Once the movie is released, the initial investment and profit will be distributed amongst the investors based on the amount they have invested. Also for the next three years we will compete for National, International, Oscar and other awards and the amount received from the awards (If any) will also be distributed according to the investment done.
  • In the total amount invested on a movie, 50% will be used for making and the rest will be used for release, advertising and promotion.
  • We assure that we will do our best to successfully release the film and gain profit from the collections and T.V. rights.
  • Before we start any film, we conduct a survey to learn about the interest of people and the current trend of cinema, which help us in choosing the right script for the new project.
  • Under this program we make family oriented movies, children films and art movies with a message to the society.
  • Every investor has to submit a copy of ID and address proof to the organization. NRI investors have to send a soft copy of the ID and address proofs.
  • Application forms are available on our website. Investors have to download the form, read it carefully and the duly filled form has to be posted or a soft copy can be emailed.
  • The amount invested is only utilized for making movies and their release. (REPEATED)
  • The investors have to submit the details of their bank account number, bank name, branch name, IFSC code and PAN number..
  • All the deals in “CROWD FUNDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR are kept transparent and all the transactions are done through bank transfers or cheque only.
  • All investors will be given a copy of agreement of the amount invested (Nontransferable).
  • Once we get a profit from the cinema we have released, firstly the amount invested will be returned.
  • The amount received when a Kannada movie is dubbed to other languages is also shared among the investors accordingly.
  • Once we receive profit from a movie, the initial investment of the investors is returned, then some part of the amount is reserved for the next production and the remaining amount is distributed among the investors according to their investment.
  • People investing in “CROWD FINDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR should have a clear background and they should not be involved in any type of antisocial activities. If any such behavior is found, their agreement will be void and the amount invested will be transferred to their bank account immediately.
  • The amount invested in “CROWD FUNDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR will not be returned before a year at any cost. After the project is completed the amount will be returned.
  • During the making of cinema the investors should not trouble the technicians or the artists either mentally or physically. If any such incidents happened the agreement with the investor will be void.


  • A golden opportunity to produce a Kannada movie through the help of “CROWD FINDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR.
  • Small investors will get name and fame as Kannada cinema producers through “CROWD FINDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR.
  • All small investors will also get a share in the profit gained from the movie produced through “CROWD FINDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR.
  • Once we get a profit from the cinema we have released, firstly the amount invested will be returned to all the investors.
  • The movie produced through “CROWD FINDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR will be sold for T.V. rights and the amount received will be distributed among the investors accordingly.
  • The kannada movies produced through “CROWD FINDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR will be dubbed in many other languages like Oddissi, Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Manipuri, Konkani, Nepali, Marathi, Tulu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English, Chinese and many more.
  • Dubbed movies will be sold to distributors in that particular language and the amount received is shared with the investors.
  • Dubbed movies are also sold for T.V. rights in those language channels and the amount received will be shared amongst the investors.
  • The amount received from the audio release in all languages will also be shared with all investors
  • The songs of the movie are sold to set as ring tones and caller tunes and the amount received will again be shared with the investors.
  • There are around 3301 film festivals organized worldwide and the movies produced through “CROWD FINDING” THE EVERYMAN INVESTOR will compete for several states, national and international awards and if any price money is received, it will be shared with the investors.
  • There is a percentage of the profit reserved for the next project and the remaining will be shared between investors.

Come and join hands with us to write a new chapter in the history of Indian cinema and Television.





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